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Recent work


A Clojure-based static website generator extracted from this website's history, implementing conceps similar to Matthew Butterick's pollen.

This Website Is Not A Tree

a metatextual introduction to this site as it is and as it could be.

Against Metadata

rants against the apparent fact that metadata is treated as an afterthought in program design and configuration management.

Reifying the Filter Bubble, part 1

new digital infrastructure makes a metaphor less of one.

Reifying the Filter Bubble, part 2

notes against the 'decentralization' of an impoverished internet.

A Working Definition

a working definition of my own ideology.

Framing Degrowth

Does quantity necessarily lead to quality?

Database Driven Applications

Connections between programs could be made simpler by speaking directly to those programs' databases - but this requires that more of those programs be put under users' control.

Subsumed Automotive Dread in the Parking Garage

The threat is coming from inside the car.

Large Language Models' Impoverished Theory of Cognition

Language models fail to understand because they don't even try.

The Signs and Portents of the Computational Oracle

Can we even seriously criticize large language models?

The Will To Understand

Why I am personally not interested in unpredictable and opaque AI systems like deep learning and generative AI, as a programmer and artist.

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